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Where veteran leadership + youthful exuberance = media martial arts


Joseph Funk began his career at Sendai Publishing Group as an assistant editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1991, and held just about every job along the way to his position as Editorial Director of the Ziff-Davis Game Group, where he directed the content and teams of several category-leading monthly magazines including EGM, EGM2, Computer Gaming World, Pocket Games, Cinescape, HERO Illustrated, and a number of profitable one-off publications.

Mr. Funk was also a co-founder of the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine in the mid-1990s as well as VideoGames.com, now a part of GameSpot.com and CBS Interactive.

In 2000, Mr. Funk founded Mojo Media, where he implemented the tools and tech, along with cultivating the people and passion, to quietly make Mojo a leading supplier and packager of premium editorial and advertorial content.

Joe is an outdoors enthusiast and tries to stay fit through cycling and engaging in an active family life. He regularly volunteers his time and resources in his local Chicagoland community.


Having designed literally hundreds of digital and print publications during his career, Jason Hinman oversees many of the creative levers and switches that allow Mojo Media to interface seamlessly with companies and clients, and to comfortably navigate the synapses between rough concepts and polished products.

For more than 17 years, Mr. Hinman has provided a clear beacon of leadership for a design and production team with experience that ranges from websites, microsites and nanosites; to cloud and mobile platforms; to magazines and hardcover coffee table books.

Mr. Hinman often works directly with publishers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, editors, and even printers around the clock, and calendar, to ensure that Mojo’s content is always delivered effectively and efficiently.

Jason manages our Chicagoland HQ, is a Great Lakes boating enthusiast, and tirelessly recreates with his family of five.

Rest of the Team

From an exclusive pool of terrifically talented designers and illustrators, to a team of specialized writers and editors that generate authentic copy and content on their topics of expertise, Mojo Media is uniquely suited with the skills and scalability to ensure your project is handled with care.

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