Children’s Books & Pop Culture

Yeah! Loving what we do allows us to sustain a fresh spark for our work, and at Mojo that genuine zeal has yielded a trove of charming children’s content and pop culture driven pieces.

We’ve activated for on-demand delivered products from concept to execution, and have also plugged into other publishers to help them pounce on trends while also meeting tight production goals and deadlines.

With an inimitable crew of creators, writers, illustrators, designers and editors, most of whom have kids themselves, Mojo is a uniquely suited voice of recreation…with responsibility.

Whether you want to spy like a secret agent, lurk like a ninja, or get better at video games, Mojo Media specializes in creating vibrant and viscous content that engages readers at a deeper level.

Mojo’s clients have attained bestselling status on a number of mainstream consumer facing titles we were an integral part of.

*Based on Amazon and NY Times Bestseller list data
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